Robert Knepper Cast for SGU Season 2

Beware of spoilers for Stargate Universe Season 2!

Actor Robert Knepper has been cast in a recurring role for Stargate Universe’s second season .   Famous  for playing Tbag in  Prison Break and recently appearing in Heores, Knepper  will be play Simeon, a member of the lucian alliance over 6/7 episodes.   Here is the casting description:

Simeon is a dangerous Lucian Alliance soldier.   He was a seasoned criminal before being recruited by the Alliance.   He’s strong and intimidating but more crafty and wiry than big and muscular.   Scary in that you’re never sure what he will do.   He also holds secrets that are desperately sought after by Earth and those on board Destiny — secrets he would die or worse, kill to protect.   He’s an antagonist for several episodes before he finally comes into serious conflict with Robert Carlyle’s character Rush and they are forced to face off.