Is The Stargate Universe Controversy Affecting Viewer Ship Ratings?

With the recent spat between Brad Wright, cast member family members and online reviews is it affecting the ratings of Stargate Universe?

Last week the episode ‘Earth’ pulled in 1.626 million viewers in the United States of America which showed an 18% drop over the previous weeks figures of 1.974 million.

Stargate Universe is also showing a steady decline in other major audiences globally especially in the United Kingdom which saw a 100,000 drop in audience share for the episode ‘Water’.

7 thoughts on “Is The Stargate Universe Controversy Affecting Viewer Ship Ratings?”

  1. i can understand the drop in viewing ratings.where are the enemies the excitment that we had with SG-1 and ATLANTIS.THE OTHER WORLDS AND THEIR NATIVES AND CULTURES.i have tried watching it but i think it is time to go back to atlantis and continue that story further or come up a more interesting STARGATE UNIVERSE.

  2. I totally agree with Clare, the show is boring. I used to live for Friday nights and Stargate Atlantis. Now Iit doesn't worry me if I miss it or not. Bring back Atlantis, it should NEVER have been canned.

  3. I too have been very disappointed with this series. It has very little sci-fi elements and is more of a soap opera than anything. The basic premise that the show is built upon is awesome; just get rid of those stupid stones and the lesbian theme and bring in the Wraith! Frankly the only character of interest is the Science Guy.

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