Robert Carlyle Wins At The Best Bafta In Scottish Awards Ceremony

Stargate Universe boffin and mysterious dark man, Robert Carlyle who plays the part of Dr. Nicholas Rush has won a Bafta in the Scottish awards ceremony in the category of best male for his performance in ‘The Unloved’.

Carlyle is quoted as saying what the award meant to him

It’s lovely, it’s a fantastic thing, I was saying earlier on to people, I mean, ten years ago, to be honest with you, you wouldn’t have thought too much of this, it was always nice to get a wee-kind of nod – but the quality of the nominations now is just getting higher and higher.”

He continued: “The acting awards this year and last year – there’s so many top quality Scots male actors at the moment that to be included amongst any kind of list of nominees you’ve got to be happy with that. You’ve got to be pleased with that. So, it’s really come up, I think.

Congratulations Robert for your achievement