Free Blogging Platform Launched

The Stargate Archive are pleased to announce that we have launched our FREE blogging platform and is now available for all of our valued visitors to register your own free blog today.

Our free blogging platform really is free, there’s no intrusive banner adds displayed anywhere on the entire platform and this will remain a standard feature for life. We maintain the platform upgrading to the latest versions as and when they are released allowing you to focus on what you came here to do, blog!

You have access to 100+ themes with more being added all the time, a collection of the greatest plugins to expand the functionality of your blog further and much, much more.

What’s more we even provide all the necessary support over in our community forums, where you can get help from other members of our community and the Stargate Archive.

There really is no catch; everything’s completely free of charge!

Read to get started and up and running with your own free blog?

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