Things To Come From The Stargate Archive In 2010

The Stargate Archive is entering its third full year of being online during 2010, and we have some exciting things currently in the pipe line that we want to share with you all.

During 2010 we are looking to upgrade and introduce

  1. A possible site re-design however this is still very early on in the planning stages
  2. Tighter integration with all major social networking platforms and services
  3. Increased integration with the sites core services
  4. A re-designed and further expanded online store
  5. Increased multimedia content beyond our current core offerings
  6. A re-designed welcome page – this is still early in the planning stages but will prominently feature personal customisation
  7. The successful roll out of our completely free blogging platform

This list is non exhaustive however these are just some of the core features that the Stargate Archive team are looking to introduce and make changes to the site.

If you have any ideas of features and services that you would like to see added to the Stargate Archive please feel free to leave your comments below for our team, we value all feed back received and is always highly valued!

We would like to re-assure our valued visitors that the Stargate Archive will always remain a completely free community without any obtrusive banner ads.