Stargate Worlds Head Interview

In a recent interview with Video Gamer FireSky studios head Dan Elggren talks about his plans and the up and coming Stargate Worlds.

Here is an excerpt of the interview: Tell us about the combat

Dan Elggren: (Points towards TV screen showing Stargate Worlds trailer) You see those guys moving into that ice planet? They had to take cover. As they were shooting the mobs the mobs were taking cover as well. So there’s this interesting dynamic of how the mobs and the players utilise the environment to play flanking positions and ultimately remove the opponent from cover. Cover is like a buff in the environment. We’re not really a first-person shooter, we’re still doing dice rolls within the combat system, but you can auto-target, you can open up and fire, sustained fire, suppression and throwing grenades and really playing with your abilities to ultimately take on the enemy in the best way possible. Do you snap to cover?

DE: There’s a little circle piece of the UI at the bottom and there’s a green bar and there’s a blue bar and that’s your health and your focus. Your focus is battlefield focus, so if you lose your focus on the battlefield you start to lose a lot more health, so you want to keep your focus clean and you have abilities to keep that focus up. But within that circle there’s a very dynamic colour indicator that shows you as you move up to cover what type of cover you have and what angles you have cover at – yellow for medium cover to green for high cover. And you can really play with that and you can also see where you’re taking damage. So if you’re taking damage within the areas that are in colour you can see that those are places that you’re covered. If you see you are taking damage from other locations you’ll want to move yourself to make sure you can get to a better position so you’re not taking the damage. If you’re out of cover you’re going to take damage very quickly. So it’s that little indicator as well as knowing the environment. It shows you very quickly how the environment gives you that buff. So it’s not really snapping. But you know when you’re in cover. There’s other indicators. At the top it will say my target, what type of cover he has, my cover to him, and it’s really that feedback going back and forth with the mobs.

You can read the full interview here