Ark Of Truth DVD Give Away Update

We have received an overwhelming response to our Ark Of Truth DVD give away. We’ve had many wrong answers that have landed in our inboxes and only a few that are correct.

So if you have already entered why not give it another go and see if your answers change at all. Don’t worry if you re-submit and the answers were correct the first time around we won’t exclude you.

We’ve done a fantastic job at hiding the images, we’ve had lots of emails asking where the third is located. Well we could keep you guessing and hunting high and low, or we could tell you. Well good news were going to tell you.

The third image is located in the sites forum, under the Season Five thread. And as an extra bonus we have already included with the third image, an ancient glyph dictionary so you will be deciphering the images in no time.

Good luck, and happy entering.