A New Year, And A New Season Begins Filming

The offices at Bridge Studios, Vancouver, will burst into life again this week as the earliest pre-production on Stargate Atlantis’ fifth year gets underway.

Back from their end-of year break, and with work on season four fully complete, the producers and writers will reconvene to create another full season of adventures for the hit show. Though filming will not commence until late winter, there’s plenty to be getting on with. With some early-season stories already broken, the writers will be the first to kick into gear as they continue to finalize scripts for the season.

Other production staff returning to work this week besides the writers and producers includes production designer James Robbins. Among his first tasks for the year will be visualizing the writers’ ideas for any new elements required for the initial episodes, including sets, ships and props. The second wave of call-backs for crew comes for departments such as VFX which arrive to begin work on making these designs a working reality. Filming itself will begin in early February.

2008 marks the first year that Stargate Atlantis production has not run alongside Stargate SG-1.

News article courtesy of the Official Stargate Website