Atlantis Archive Completes A Huge Overhaul

The Atlantis Archive team have been working extremely hard, to provide a high quality portal for all Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Fans out there globally.As part of our continued efforts we have launched many new sections covering a vast array of content including: An extensive photo collection of every Stargate Atlantis episode to date, Interactive forums, Videos, and much, much more.Just recently the Atlantis Archive has completed a complete, overhaul and redesign of the news system and our interactive forums. As part of these changes they have become more streamlined with the sites overall design. Whilst adding a new graphical interface, and ease of use, we have also added new functionality to allow you the valued visitors and fans the ability to interact more with each other and the community on a whole.We’ve also launched our brand new Alerts Centre, where you can subscribe and manage a whole host of services, that the Atlantis Archive makes available to help keep you all up to date on the Stargate Universe.There is much, much more to come here at the Atlantis Archive and we will keep you all up dated on the latest news and additions directly from our ever growing portal. Don’t forget your valued feedback is what helps us to grow and expand, all comments and input that we receive is highly appreciated.The Atlantis Archive team would like to thank everyone for their valued support since our launch in October 2007, and hope to see you all visiting again, and again.

The Atlantis Archive Team