Wright Were Going Out On Top

The decision to end Stargate Atlantis and move straight to releasing movies instead was made mutually by SCI FI and MGM, and Stargate Productions in Vancouver it has been reported. Rather than cancelling the show because of under-performance, the powers that be decided to go out on top while Atlantis is still popular enough to support direct to DVD release movies.

In a recent interview with Gateworld Brad Wright the executive producer of all things Stargate is quoted as saying the following:

“The show was doing well. But you don’t wait until the show isn’t doing well before you try to launch movies. If you are going to go do movies when the show has still got life left in it, that’s a good time!”

“And you know, SG-1 owes Atlantis a debt in that sense. It helped revive the franchise for SG-1. And I think that’s how it’s going to proceed between Atlantis, SG-1, and Universe. And the game! That’s going to help, too.”

But is it too soon for the third series? Could Stargate be teetering on the edge of brand exhaustion? Despite the naysayers, Wright believes that the Stargate franchise is stronger than it has ever been as it heads toward 2009.

“It will wear out when we stop making good shows that people want to see,” he said. “And as long as we are putting our hearts and our effort into making the upcoming series and upcoming movie as good as they can be — and as long as we still feel they’re vital — I think it’s going to keep going strong.”

Brand new episodes of Stargate Atlantis continue every Friday night and you can keep up with all the latest information in our episode guide.

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  1. Do not like to hear that this is the last season of statgate Atlantis , It has not run long and I hope the writers do not deviate to far from the stargate theme, if they do the next series may not do so well. I have been a fan for all Stargate series from day one and hope to continue. I will be buying the DVD movie releases reguardless. Thank you from a older fan.

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