Universe's Supporting Characters Revealed

Even more details have emerged regarding the background and supporting characters for the premiere 3 part opener to Stargate Universe which is entitled ‘Air’, along with an update on the shows main cast members.

The main cast members who have had their names changed:

Lt. Jared Nash has been renamed to Scott
Chloe Carpenter has been renamed Chloe Walker

The main cast members who will remain the same pending any further cast changes:

Dr David Rush who will be played by Robert Carlyle
Colonel Everett Young
Tamara Jon
Eli Hitchcock
Ron Stasiak

A few of the guest characters in the first 3 hour premiere episodes include:

Senator Walker Is Chloe’s father and a distinguished U.S. Senator with some a slight involvement with the Stargate program.

Camille Wray Is an accountant with the I.O.A. After the base is attacked, everyone is evacuated through the Stargate to the Destiny instead of Earth. Wray is livid that they were not told they were being evacuated to the Destiny instead of Earth.

Darren Becker An Airman who works in the mess hull at the secret base

Philips A scientist and part of Dr. Rush’s top secret scientific team

Brody A member of the scientific team aboard the Destiny.

Franklin A civilian scientist, who becomes resentful of Rush’s orders and the lack of food on the ship.

Riley A scientist / gate technician who attempts to dial a nine-symbol address on the Stargate

Some of these supporting characters may very well become recurring characters on the show. Keep checking back to the Stargate Archive for all the latest on Stargate Universe as and when it breaks.