Two New Writers Join The Stargate Universe Writing Department For Season Two

The Writing department for Stargate Universe looks set to get that just a little bit bigger for the shows second season. Writer and producer on Stargate Universe Joseph Mallozzi has confirmed the additions of Remi Aubuchon and Linda McGibney in his latest blog entry.

Remi Aubuchon comes to the Stargate from the recently launched Capirca, along with prior credits such as: 24, Summerland, The Lyon’s Den, and much more

Linda McGibley isn’t new to the realm of the Stargate Franchise having previously written episodes for the early seasons of Stargate SG1. Linda has prior credits such as: Homicide: Life on the Street, Wildfire, Summerland, and more

Mallozzi is quoted as saying:

Currently, we have information on the first 12 episodes of Season Two. Based on Mallozzi’s entries, Aubuchon is writing the script for the ninth episode, while McGibney is working with Mallozzi to bring in the mid-season two-parter. The titles of these episodes aren’t currently known, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that they’ll be single-worded to keep the trend going.

2 thoughts on “Two New Writers Join The Stargate Universe Writing Department For Season Two”

  1. SG-U is very boring and I think they lost many of their "core" viewer' because they haven't given us the same experience as before. I love a good "dog" fight and "new" technology.. where is it?? Whoever hired the writers for this spin off show should be fired because I want to go sleep when it's over instead of feel excited. The last 2, SG-1 and Atlantis was so cool… get those writers back and quickly!

  2. PS…. Who turned this spin off into a "chick" flick?? Who was your demographic before? My guess is guys were the majority… so exactly who threw us out as a worthy "core" viewing audience? I personally want to see ground breaking technology that wows me and dog fights in space by ships… you have the entire Star Tek audience watching this show btw (Star Trek is gone.. remember?) so get a writer from them or two… and get back to your core audience! Some of us even get girls hooked on the show too but I really believe you have ruined SG-U by making me yawn and turning it into a chick flick.

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