The Great Rodney McKay Says Goodbye To Stargate Atlantis

David Hewlett has been a favourite among fans since the show first started in 1994. Since the shows cancellation many fans have been left feeling outraged and saddened that Atlantis has been cancelled prematurely.

David Hewlett has recently sat down with io9 to talk about his time on the show and what his plans are for the future.

You can read an excerpt of the interview below:

There’s been so many great episode of SGA this year, some of the best people are saying

David Hewlett: That’s just to depress the hell out of people, to know that it’s not coming back, that’s why we did it.

So out of this season what’s been your favorite so far and has it been hard knowing that it’s over?

It’s so hard because there are some that are great for acting, and there’s others that are great for “hey I got to shoot really large guns” but “Brain Storm” was definitely one of them, Shrine was another that was just a lot of fun, um, it’s those two stand out out that they’re obviously McKay heavy. But um I also really like the season opener as well, of season five, a really great way to get back into it and stuff, you know every episode has my favorite things in it.

Let’s talk about “Brain Storm”, easily one of the best episodes this season. You brought in real life scientists, what was it like working with the scientists like Mr. Bill Nye? And finally taking your relationship with Keller gets to go to a whole new level?

The great thing about “Brain Storm” was that as cool as Atlantis is, it’s really nice for Atlantis to get away from Atlantis. It’s really nice to get back to Earth, I love the Earth based episodes, you get out of the silly costumes and away from all the technology, and you get to have, it feels like you’re actually doing a different show almost for a change, and the other thing, we got, you know Neil deGrasse Tyson, incredibly well known real scientists who are terrifyingly smart and actually terrifyingly good actors, so I think I’m well out of work now.

You can read the full interview here