High Definition Air Screen Captures Added

The Stargate Archive are pleased to announce that we have just added over 1800 high definition screen captures for the first two episodes of Stargate Universe Air part One and Air Part Two. You can review the screen captures here »

Stargate Universe Premiere Tonight

Dont forget that the premiere of Stargate Universe is tonight on the Sy Fy channel in the United States of America and the Space channel in Canada, both countries will be airing the show at exactly the same times. Coming tomorrow we will be adding the latest screen captures for the first episode Air, along … Read more

Stargate Universe Episode Line-up Is Complete

The first season of Stargate Universe episode line-up is now complete, the final two episodes have been revealed as “Incursion Part 1 and Part 2”. It is rumoured that Michael Shanks may be making an appearance in either of these episodes, however further details are still unavailable. You can keep up to date on all … Read more

Survival Teaser Trailer Screen Captures Added

We are pleased to announce that we have just uploaded 45 high resolution screen captures from the latest Stargate Universe teaser trailer ‘Survival’. You can review the universe teaser  screen captures here » Stargate Universe promotion images will be following shortly.

Screen Capture Database Functionality Restored

We are pleased to confirm that full functionality has been restored to the Stargate Archives screen capture database. This will be the last time we are forced to take the database and site offline due to abuse caused through image hot linking. The Stargate Archive Team would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused during … Read more

Site Wide Server Issues and Performance Problems

The Stargate Archive Team would like to apologise for the recent server problems that have plagued the Stargate Archive over the past 24 – 48 hours. Unfortunately these issues have been un-avoidable due to a recent spate of hot linking of screen captures and media content directly from the Stargate Archive’s database. Due to this … Read more