Stargate Continuum Screen Capture Errors

We have recently been made aware that there are a number of errors within our collection of  Continuum screen captures. These errors have now been fixed and full functionality has been restored to our collection of  Continuum screen captures. The Atlantis Archive team would like to personally  thank Liliana for advising us on the errors.

Stargate Continuum Screen Captures

With Stargate Continuum being released on DVD on the 19th July in the United States, we have managed to get our hands on an early release DVD. Stargate Continuum is available for pre-order from the Online Store. As of right now there are over 1500 screen captures available for viewing of Stargate Continuum, please be … Read more

Bumper August For UK Stargate Fans

August is turning out to be the highlight of the year for Stargate Fans in the United Kingdom. The highly anticipated second direct to DVD release Stargate Continuum will air on Sky One and Sky One HD at 8pm on Tuesday the 12th August, with a general release on the 18th August. And season five … Read more

Season Five Filming On Summer Break

The cast, crew and producers of Stargate Atlantis are currently on their summer break until filming resumes later in the fall on the highly anticipated season five. To date a total of 13 episodes have been filmed in the new season right up to the episode entitled ‘Outsider’. So far there is little news regarding … Read more

Screen Capture Database Back Online

We are pleased to announce that we have just finished re-launching our screen capture database. Unfortunately due to the size of the images available it has taken roughly 36 hours to restore full functionality to 10 GB + of data. Screen captures are available for: Every episode of Stargate Atlantis Both currently released Stargate Movies … Read more

Stargate SG1 Screen Captures

In response to visitor feedback, the Atlantis Archive are planning to launch our very own collection of Stargate SG1 screen captures which will extensively cover every episode from Season  1 to Season 10. We are expecting these screen captures to be live on the site within the next month, however we are aiming to have … Read more