Supanova Pop Culture Expo

The Supanova Pop Culture Expo (Supanova) blasts back into Brisbane with an action-packed line-up of stars representing an extravaganza of films, TV shows, gaming, animation, comic books, sci-fi, fantasy, wrestling and more.

The confirmed “Supa Stars” include James Kyson Lee (Ando from the hit series Heroes); the beautiful Jewel Staite from Serenity and Stargate: Atlantis; internationally-acclaimed body-builder Lou Ferrigno, who raged as the 1970s Incredible Hulk; the incomparable comic talent of Michael Winslow of Police Academy fame; and cult hero David “Cochise” Harris from the classic The Warriors.

Rounding out the festival will be CCG (collectable card game) tournaments, wrestling demonstrations and exclusive film and anime screenings and trailers.

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