Stargate Worlds November Update Is Here

Welcome to issue No. 2 of the Stargate Worlds Newsletter! We’re here to give you an insider’s look at Stargate Worlds and a sneak peek at the closed beta.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from fans asking about in-game events, and we’re delivering answers. Check out this video of a Goa’uld mother ship being blown out of orbit over Tollana! We will be hosting many events like this one throughout the beta and live game. Even if you’re not in the beta, don’t worry, you’ll get to experience awe inspiring explosions, raids and more.

The latest build of the game added several cool features, including maps and mini maps, the Harset quest set and Reverse Engineering of items. If you’re in the beta, be sure to check out these new additions and let us know what you think.

Jaffa – Crocodile Armor

The Jaffa were originally bred by the Goa’uld to be the perfect warrior and servant. Their culture embraced the role of servant to the gods. The Jaffa even carry the larval stage of the Goa’uld within their own bodies until they mature, gaining phenomenal healing abilities. They excel at both physical feats of strength and mental machinations, making them superb tacticians.

Ground Blast: Jaffa are the masters of the Staff Weapon, utilizing its substantial versatility. By targeting the ground near their enemies’ feet, the Jaffa can unleash a mighty blast that causes Area damage and can knock enemies off their feet.

Kree!: When used against enemy Jaffa this ability places that target into a confused state as the enemy Jaffa questions its allegiance, attacking it’s former allies.

Stargate World’s Weekly Videos

If you haven’t checked it out lately, the video podcasts on and the Stargate Worlds YouTube Channel are growing almost every day. You can see interviews with the people building the game and get detailed insight into the development process.