Stargate Universe Ratings Hit An All New Low

Stargate Universe has hit an all new low in viewer audiences in the clearest sign yet that fans have given up on the show and the franchise.

Season Two Ratings Summary

Episode Viewers in Millions
(Live+Same Day)
Viewers in Millions
(Live+7 Days)
Intervention 1.175  
Aftermath 1.070  
Awakening 1.222  
Pathogen 0.974  
Cloverdale 1.012  
Trial And Error 0.967  
The Greater Good 1.074  
Malice 1.025  
Visitation 1.169  
Resurgence 1.094  
Deliverance 1.035  
Twin Destinies 0.923  
Alliances 0.814  

It has been stated that the ratings for the second half of season two will have no reflection on whether Brad of Joseph decided to proceed with Stargate Universe movies.

1 thought on “Stargate Universe Ratings Hit An All New Low”

  1. I really wasn't a fan of the Stargate series until Stargate Universe. I really enjoy the show and so do most of the people I know. I really think the ratings for Stargate Universe are incorrect. From all the talk around the net it is a Big hit. Well… all that I can say is that it is too bad… Just when I finally found a series that I can't wait to watch, they cancel it. I hope they reconcider before they totally put it on the shelf.
    There are places on the net where you can sign a patition for stopping the cancellation of Stargate Universe but somehow I think they might not be proper patitions. I would like to be able to sign one that I know for sure gets to the proper place. Does anyone know where that is?
    Boo Hoo… I will miss the show.

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