Stargate Universe: Memories of Home

Eli Wallace visits home ("Gauntlet")

Stargate Universe: “Gauntlet”

Actress Glynis Davies played a big part in the life of one of Stargate Universe‘s most loved characters. She played Eli’s mother, Maryann Wallace, who is left confused and alone on Earth when her brilliant son (played by David Blue) is swept up in an adventure to a distant galaxy.

Thanks to the Ancient communication stones, though, Eli could visit his mother through the body of a willing host … though at first he wasn’t allowed to tell her who he really was. That led to some difficult conversations in the Wallace household.

“I thought it worked really well in [the scene] the kitchen, when they first meet,” Davies told “Dial the Gate.” In her appearances during the first season of the show, Eli’s mom is not given security clearance to know that the airman she is talking to is actually her son.

By Season Two’s “Pathogen” her medical condition takes a turn for the worse, and Eli visits her in the hospital (again, via the body-trading stones). “I just wanted her to give a little bit in the hospital,” Davies said. “There’s no way she’s letting this guy get to her. … They set it up really well. And I loved this, prior to the first scene, when Eli goes home for the first time and he says, ‘She’s never going to get this. She can’t follow an episode of Star Trek!’ I liked that.”

Check out this clip from the conversation:

Eventually Eli is given clearance not only to tell his mother who he really is, but to bring her conscious mind to Destiny for a visit.

SGU wasn’t the first trip through the Stargate for the actress, though. Davies played Ambassador Noor, from Jonas Quinn’s home planet of Langara, as well as the young Catherine Langford in the episode “1969.”

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