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Stargate is headed back to the United Kingdom in 2025, with a new fan convention set for next spring.

Long-time organizers Starfury Conventions have announced “Ascension,” a new Stargate-focused event to be held in the London area. It’s set for May 23 to 25, 2025, at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Heathrow.

The first guests confirmed for Ascension are Stargate Atlantis‘s Torri Higgison (who played Dr. Elizabeth Weir); David Nykl (“Dr. Radek Zelenka”); Stargate SG-1‘s gate technician Gary Jones (“Chief MSgt. Walter Harriman”); and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and The Dead Zone actress Nicole de Boer, who guest starred as Dr. Alison Porter in Atlantis‘s fifth-season episode “Whispers.”

Additional guests will be announced in the coming months.

Torri Higginson (Starfury: Ascension) Gary Jones (Starfury: Ascension)
David Nykl (Starfury: Ascension) Nicole de Boer (Starfury: Ascension)

Starfury: Ascension will feature the usual stage panels, autographs, photo ops, fan parties, and special competitions. Tickets are now on sale, starting at £130 for the 3-day weekend.

Starfury has been hosting fan events in the United Kingdom since 1997. Next year’s Stargate event is one of ten fandom events currently on the organization’s schedule alongside events dedicated to Star Wars, Once Upon A Time, Hannibal, Motherland and Warrior Nun, Supernatural and Lucifer, Shadow and Bone, and more.

Learn more about the event at, and follow @StarfuryEvents for updates.

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