Stargate Universe Continues Ratings Fall

With the fourth episode of Stargate Universe having aired in the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom the ratings are beginning to roll in and so far they appear to be continuing on a downward trend.

Last week in the United States of America ‘Darkness’ managed to pull in 2.09million viewers which were down 14% when compared with the previous week’s episode which pulled in 2.447 million viewers.

Over in the United Kingdom ‘Darkness’ pulled in an average 635,000 viewers which again showed a continued drop when compared with 765,000 viewers in the previous week for Air Part Three.

Ratings are currently un-available for comparison from the Canadian channel Space.

3 thoughts on “Stargate Universe Continues Ratings Fall”

  1. this stargate is becoming more of a lame drama than a scifi show. They should have stuck to what they know, it is really to bad. The last episode did not grab my attention at all! I am a huge SG1 and Atlantis fan… but with this one… "not so much".

  2. Very disappointing show. No where near as good as the Sg-1 and Atlantis. TPTB should have listened to the fans and continued Atlantis for another season or two.

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