Stargate Atlantis Nominated For Outstanding Visual Effects

The Visual Effects Society (VES) today announced the nominees for the 6th Annual VES Awards ceremony recognizing outstanding visual effects in over a dozen categories of film, television, commercials and video games.

Nominees were chosen Saturday, January 5, 2008 by numerous panels of VES members who viewed submissions at the FotoKem screening facilities in Burbank. “We received hundreds of submissions from around the world and we are proud to present nominees that push the boundaries of how visual effects can enhance the storytelling process,” says Jeff Okun, VES Chair. “Looking at the level of complexity and creativity of this year’s nominees, it is clear that the VES is the single most important pool of talent, experience and knowledge in the visual effects world.”

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series HEROES – Episode 208 – “Four Months Ago” Eric Grenaudier, Mark Spatny, Diego Galtieri, Mike Enriquez DOCTOR WHO “THE LAST OF THE TIME LORDS” – Series 3, Episode 13 David Houghton, Will Cohen, Jean-Claude Deguara, Nicolas Hernandez STARGATE ATLANTIS – Adrift Mark Savela, Shannon Gurney, Erica Henderson, Jamie Yukio Kawano FIGHT FOR LIFE – Episode 4 Philip Dobree, Nicola Instone, Marco Iozzi, Matt Chandler BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – Episode 316 – “Maelstrom” Mike Gibson, Gary Hutzel, Michael J. Davidson, Kyle Toucher The 6th Annual VES Awards will take place on Feb. 10, 2008 at the Kodak Theatre Grand Ballroom in Hollywood.

Last year’s event attracted more than eight hundred celebrities, visual effects and animation artists, dozens of nominees and members of the film, television and gaming industries. Winners from 2007 included Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (John Knoll, Jill Brooks, Hal Hickel, Charlie Gibson) for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects Driven Motion Picture and Battlestar Galactica – Episode 303b “Exodus” (Gary Hutzel, Michael Gibson, Alec McClymont, Brenda Campbell) for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series. This year the VES will present Steven Spielberg the VES Lifetime Achievement Award. This award recognizes the contribution that his vast body of work, as both a director and producer, has made to the art and science of visual effects.

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