Robert Carlyle Playing Adolf Hitler Was My Toughest Role

Scottish actor Robert Carlyle says playing Adolf Hitler in the epic mini-series  Hitler: The Rise of Evil has been his toughest role to date.

The star of hit movies including The Full Monty, Trainspotting and James Bond’s  The World Is Not Enough told Yahoo! Singapore in an exclusive interview that it was extremely difficult to witness the reaction of the film crew when he was portraying the leader of the German Nazis in the 2003 TV mini-series.

“A lot of the crew working on set were Jewish and a lot of stuff were anti-Jewish, anti-semantic. I had to say all those stuff and I would spot some of the crew’s reactions. I know it’s not me but it’s really hard for them to accept,” said the 49-year-old, who was born in Glasgow, Scotland.

But  the veteran actor said he  made it a point to speak to his Jewish colleagues right after the scene was shot.

“I went down to embrace them and they were like, don’t worry, its fine. But it wasn’t fine, you know,” he said.

You can watch his riveting portrayal of Hitler here.