Ming Na Singapore Could Be My Next Home

Hollywood actress and former star of hit TV drama series  â€E.R”,  Ming Na, reveals  she is toying with the idea of moving to Singapore.

The  star of  movies such as  The Joy Luck Club, Street Fighter and  One Night Stand told Yahoo! Singapore in an exclusive interview that she’s keen to  follow in the footsteps of Chinese actors Jet Li and Gong Li, who recently took up Singapore citizenship.

“I really love Singapore,” said the 46-year-old Chinese American.

Remembering  her last visit to Singapore, she said, “It was 11 years ago! I was there for a play, the Asian premiere of David Hwang’s Golden Child at the Victoria Theatre.”

“When I was in Singapore,  I thought it was absolutely the perfect place to retire. It might be a good dream to retire there some day. The weather [in Singapore] is so good and everywhere is clean. I can’t believe how the malls can sell the best food, especially the food courts. I wished we had that in the States,” she said.

Born in Macau, Na and her family immigrated to the U.S. when she was at the tender age of four. Today, she lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Eric Michael Zee and two children, Michaela, 10, and Cooper, 5.

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