Robert Carlyle Gets Lost In Translation On Stargate Set

Actress MING-NA fears sci-fi fans watching her new show STARGATE UNIVERSE will be baffled when co-star ROBERT CARLYLE speaks – because no one can understand his thick Scottish accent.

The former ER star admits she struggled to comprehend a word the Trainspotting actor was saying when she first arrived on the set of the Sy Fy Drama – and she insists his scenes should come with subtitles.

She tells WENN, “There should be subtitle options on the DVD and BLU-RAY release! When I first met him he had this very soft quiet voice and he talks really fast.

“I finally understood how my friends pretend to understand my Chinese mom when she’s speaking English – you just kind of nod and go, ‘Oh yeah.’

“If he laughs, you pretend to laugh a little too – because you don’t want to say, ‘Can you repeat that? Did you say volcano?’

“I’m used to his dialect now, so I understand more what he’s saying. I guess for some fans it might be a little tough but you’ll get used to it. He does actually use a more English accent when he’s speaking as (character) Rush on Stargate Universe.”