Head Through the Stargate with SGU’s Elyse Levesque

After a four month mid-season break, Stargate Universe is now back. Eric Goodman from IGN has had the chance to speak to one of the show’s stars, Elyse Levesque, about the return of the series and some hints on what’s to come.

Elsyse discusses below the evolution of her character, Chloe and the continuing love triangle between herself, Lt. Scott and Eli and much, much more in this exclusive interview.

IGN TV: When last we left off, Dr. Rush had been abandoned, although the whole crew doesn’t know that that’s exactly what went down. How’s everyone dealing with his absence? He wasn’t the most popular guy, but…

Elyse Levesque: He really wasn’t, but he’s kind of the only person that knows how to get us out of all our situations. And I think people suspect that maybe there’s a little more to Young’s story that he’s not revealing and what happened on the planet. But yeah, the unfortunate thing of the situation is we don’t have time to go back and get him. We don’t know how to manipulate the ship in order to save him. So we’re kind of left out on our own and just hoping that, you know, he’s a smart guy and he can handle himself and that he manages to make it back.

IGN: What can you say about Chloe’s storyline in the coming episodes?

Levesque: Without giving too much away, something happens in the first episode which really drastically affects her; it changes her. And we see her go through almost a bit of a personality change. We don’t see the full repercussion of the event on her until Season 2, actually, which we started filming. But we do see a bit of it come into play, and we’re gonna see her relationship with Scott get tested and her relationship with Eli and everyone else on board, and I think we see her become a more active member of the crew and the life onboard the ship.

IGN: Poor Eli…

Levesque: I know. Poor Eli. Unrequited love is the worst. It sucks, let me tell ya. We’ve all been there. We understand.

IGN: Is she just not seeing that this guy wants to be more than her buddy?

Levesque: I think she knows. She knows. I mean, she’d have to be blind not to tell that the guy cares about her and has feelings for her, and I think it’s one of those situations where it’s hard for her to see him in the same light. She loves and cares about him very much, and I think she’s never had anyone in her life that she’s connected to on the level that she’s connected with Eli, where it’s a friendship with someone she really, genuinely trusts and values as a friend. And you’re always in that predicament of, do you mess up a good thing? Do you take that to the next level and then possibly ruin a great friendship? And then, of course, she’s got her relationship with Scott, which complicates that whole business, and I think where she stands right now with Eli is she sees him solely as a friend. I think she tries her best to be careful with his heart and not hurt him.

IGN: Meanwhile, she and Scott kind of rushed into things, though it was understandable, given the circumstances.

Levesque: You know what? They were about to go up in flames. I mean, come on. What would you do? [Laughs] Seriously. No judgment. Yeah, I was all for it. No one wants to be alone.

IGN: In different ways, she spent time with both those guys, when the end was nigh.

Levesque: I know. And there was a lot of – this is funny – the fans were peeved because they thought I was leading Eli on and then I go and slept with Scott. But from how I saw it, she’s trying to keep herself together, and you just want to be close to somebody that you care about and trust, and I don’t think that any of the stuff that happened between them actually was sexual at all. It was clearly a matter of, “Oh sweet Jesus, we’re about to die. This is the end. At least let’s stick by each other and be there for each other through this.”

IGN: So as the actress playing the character, who are you rooting for in this love triangle?

Levesque: I’ve been asked this a couple times. You know what? Oh man… I’ve been the Eli. I totally have. And I know that it is a horrible situation to be in, to love somebody and to not have the feelings reciprocated. So a part of me gets him, and I am rooting for him, but at the same time, and you’ll see it happen more and more, the relationship with her and Scott grows and changes and become more serious. It’s not really just a fling. So my hands are tied at the moment. It’s tough, man, being fought over like that. [Laughs] It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. I’ll take it for the Destiny team, no problem. I’ll carry that burden.

You can read the full 3 page interview here courtesy of IGN »