Jason Momoa Unveils His New Hair Cut

Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi, gives us all an insight into Jason’s new hair cut. Excerpt taken directly from Joseph’s blog.

Guess who was at the Bridge Studios for a costume fitting today? None other than Jason Momoa, a.k.a. Stargate Atlantis’s Ronon Dex. And he was sporting his new do. As many readers of this blog (and fans of the show already know), Jason cut off his dreadlocks at the end of season 4 because they had started causing him neck problems. According to Jason, without the six pounds of hair that had been weighing him down (6lbs!), he felt strangely unbalanced at first. Nevertheless, he readjusted and has been enjoying the freedom and feel of his new look. However, very soon, he’ll be undergoing the two day/16 hour process that will re-attach the dreads for our season premiere. For continuity’s sake, his character has to have them in for our first episode – but I have given him the option of losing them completely later in the season. Although many, especially Jason, feel that the dreads are a unique part of the Ronon character, the ultimate decision as to whether he keeps them or not will rest with him. It’s his neck after all.

Jason Momoa