How SG-1 Created One Of Its Own Worst Enemies

Fifth (Patrick Currie)

Stargate SG-1: “New Order”

The introduction of human-form Replicators on Stargate was actually a little bit heartbreaking. The Replicator who called himself “First” (played by actor Ian Buchanan) came across as ruthless and intimidating, and most of his brothers and sisters were also not to be messed with. But the one they called “Fifth” … well, he wasn’t all that scary.

Played by actor Patrick Currie, Fifth was created as an experiment to be more human-like. That included giving him emotions, which made him more friendly, more trusting and vulnerable, and honestly pretty likeable.

Then SG-1 stabbed him in the back and left him trapped in a time-dilation bubble.

Fifth and his Replicator sisters ("Unnatural Selection")

Fifth and his Replicator sisters (“Unnatural Selection”)

It was a terrific role for Currie, who talked with “Dial the Gate” about Fifth’s introduction in the sixth season episode “Unnatural Selection” and what made the character so unique. He shares his approach to playing Fifth’s arc from love to betrayal, and how many times he auditioned for Stargate before finding the right role.

“Fifth was probably one of the most emotionally connected characters,” Currie says. But while he originally approached the character as an alien, he ended up finding Fifth through the story of his betrayal by the show’s heroes. “I realized this actually has to go to betrayal. It has to start at love, and then go to betrayal. And that story arc is not a fun one to have to go through.”

Check out this clip from the conversation:

Ultimately SG-1 betrays Fifth, with Colonel O’Neill subtly ordering Major Carter to set the time dilation field to go off in three minutes rather than five — allowing the team to escape, but leaving a potential Replicator ally behind. When Fifth returned in the show’s eighth season he was a scorned love who was looking for revenge.

Currie revealed that he had auditioned for Stargate dozens of times before he booked the role, and had finally given up and told his agent he wanted to take a break. Then the show called with the part that was finally perfect for him.

“I got the [audition] sides and I was like, ‘OK, this is way more interesting!’ But I was still a bit reserved,” he said, “because you get burned so many times [you think], ‘Do I really want to give a hundred percent?’”

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