First Look At Master Replicas’ Surprise Release

Milky Way Stargate (Master Replicas)

Master Replicas

A brand new model is on the way from Master Replicas, and it’s a beauty.

After officially taking over the license from Eaglemoss last year the U.K.-based company has been continuing the original plan for a fleet of Stargate ship models — from Daedalus and the F-302 to the Goa’uld mothership and the Puddle Jumper.

But fans of this franchise, of course, want more than just ships: we want the Stargate itself, that iconic ring that takes travelers to other planets and even distant galaxies now and then. Evidently Master Replicas is listening, with a surprise drop this week.

GateWorld has the first look at the new model, which measures 9.25 inches (235 mm) in diameter. The gate is manufactured from polyresin, which Master Replicas says gives it a feel that is lighter than metal but heavier than plastic — and able to hold the intricate etchings that follow the CG models from the show that make this model screen-accurate.

Milky Way Stargate (Master Replicas)

Stargate with base (Master Replicas)

Milky Way Stargate (Master Replicas)

Stargate with base (Master Replicas)

Milky Way Stargate rear (Master Replicas)

The rear of the Stargate

Milky Way Stargate in box (Master Replicas)

Stargate in its shipping box

The Stargate will come with a heavy display base that bears the seal of Stargate Command. (It sits freely in the base and can be lifted out or rotated.) It will sell for around $50 USD (£44.99 GBP).

The back of the gate is accurate as well, so that the glyphs of the inner track (which, alas, does not spin) appear only on the front of the gate. Master Replicas noted for eagle-eyed fans that this prototype does not have a final paint job, as they are working to give this a look as close as possible to the marbled stone material of the original prop.

The Milky Way Stargate model will be available to pre-order beginning on Friday at, and a day early for members of Master Replicas’ Collector Club. (That’s today, starting at 1 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. BT.) It is expected to ship in September.

And how about additional Stargates for the Pegasus Galaxy and Destiny? Master Replicas confirmed to GateWorld that they do have plans to produce these pieces as well, and preliminary work is already underway for the Atlantis gate. If it stays on track we might see it late this year or early in 2025. When the Destiny gate arrives, the current plan is that it will be a Collectors Club exclusive.

Puddle Jumper model (CG render)

Master Replicas released this CG render of its upcoming Puddle Jumper model in its e-mail newsletter.

But up next is the Puddle Jumper (which we previewed here in April), followed by the Asgard mothership Beliskner. Watch for the first photos late in the summer, and pre-orders for these much-anticipated ships later this year.

Master Replicas tells GateWorld they also want to create a fully detailed model for Ra’s original pyramid ship from the 1994 feature film. Plans for this are still being worked out.

The company also announced that the U.S.S. Hammond and U.S.S. Odyssey (which went up for pre-order in March and April) are set to arrive from the manufacturing facility on June 22 and will begin shipping out to customers soon thereafter.

Meanwhile, check out GateWorld’s quick review of the first five ships from Eaglemoss and Master Replicas:

U.S.S. Hammond
U.S.S. Odyssey
Milky Way Stargate
Puddle Jumper
Pegasus Stargate

shipping soon
shipping soon
pre-order now
late summer
late summer
end of 2024

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