Blogging Service Enters Beta Testing

We are pleased to announce the preliminary launch of our latest free service, where you can have your own custom and personal blog here at the Stargate Archive.

We are welcoming everyone who would like to try out this latest, newest and completely free of charge service to head on over to our sign up page and begin blogging today.

As the service is still in the beta testing stage you may notice that some parts may not work correctly or may not appear to be styled to the rest of the site, we are working on this during the design process and once fully complete this will seamlessly integrate with the rest of the site.

Everyone who signs up and begins blogging can have their own personal RSS feed which you can give to friends and family who can all keep up to date with the latest posts that you may.

Are you ready to help begin testing out this latest and newest service? If so head on over here where you can register and begin blogging today.

We welcome all feedback so please leave your comments below.

* Our recent beta testing has now ended. A service announcement will be made shortly

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