Beau Bridges Lends A Hand To Central Heights Theater Program

Stargate SG1 acting great Beach Bridges is currently doing his bit to help support a community High School by the name ‘Central Heights High School’ who are aiming to send 10 members of their theatre department to the United Kingdom this summer for the Fringe festival which is due to be held in Scotland.

Many Stargate fans will remember Beau for his role as General Landry in the final seasons of Stargate SG1 and both direct to release Stargate movies, but to many he is best known for his various cameo appearances in popular television programmes such as Desperate Housewives.

Melissa McMillian-Cunningham has been overwhelmed from the response and support she has been receiving from right from Hollywood to Broadway, Melissa is quoted as saying:

The A-List help came after Cunningham spoke with the parent of a student at last year’s high school graduation who said he was friends with Texan actor Powers Booth, known best for his roles in the 80’s cult classic “Red Dawn,” and more recently the suspense TV drama “24,” in which he played the U.S. vice president.

Upon contacting Powers and his wife Pamela, Cunningham said she was delighted to learn that the pair had heard about her theatre work for years and were more than happy to throw a little Hollywood clout behind her students’ fundraising efforts.

“After we talked, I started getting some checks, and then all sorts of memorabilia came in,”

Cunningham said. “I mean, can you imagine what it’s like to get mail from people like Gary Sinise? It was just incredible.”

To show his support beau has sent in several signed photos and a script from his hit sci-fi TV series “Stargate SG-1,” and more autographed scripts and a cast photo signed by the major players of CBS’s crime drama “CSI: NYC.

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  2. Thanks so much to Beau Bridges and the Stargate folks! Without the support of giving people, we wouldn't be able to make this trip and memories for a lifetime!!!
    Central Heights Theatre

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