Atlantis Will Have New Sets In Season Five

SCI FI Wire got a peek at new sets for SCI FI Channel’s original series Stargate Atlantis in Vancouver, Canada, and gleaned a few details of the ships that will appear in the show’s upcoming fifth season.

On May 15, a group of reporters toured the main Atlantis sets, an “alien village” set where filming was underway and two new ship sets at Bridge Studios. One ship, still under construction, was described as a “Traveller ship.” It was a small set, very dark and claustrophobic. The interior bulkheads were flat black and studded with all varieties of mechanical junk. Bundles of cable hung everywhere.

The set suggested a cramped, deteriorating ship that would be uncomfortable to fly, if not downright dangerous. This ship is a “swing” set meant to be used once in an upcoming episode and then broken down.

The second, however, was a standing set, meaning viewers can expect to see it repeatedly. This set appears to be a new model of Wraith Hive Ship, including a distinctly insectile throne for the Wraith Queen. It’s considerably larger than the Traveller ship set and more elaborate than earlier Wraith ships.

Organic in design, like previous ships, the new vessel has walls that resemble pale membranes of flesh, hung on an ornate, bony framework and shot through with blood vessels. In a few places this membrane has been torn away, revealing interior structures that look like bundled muscle fibers. The entire set looks as if it should be dripping with slime. In particular, the skeletal framework appears to be speckled with some kind of yellowish substance. The set hints at an even nastier vision of the Wraith for the new season.

Stargate Atlantis’ 20-episode season fifth season will include the series’ benchmark 100th episode.

News Article Courtesy Of Sci Fi Wire