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Air, Part One
When a secret military research base is attacked, a small group of civilians and military personnel escape through the Stargate to a ship that is locked on course through deep space
Air, Part Two
Stranded on the Ancient vessel Destiny, the evacuees from Icarus Base discover that a worn-out life-support system and hull breaches will suffocate them in a matter of hours
Air, Part Three
Lt. Scott leads a team to a desert planet to locate a mineral capable of fixing Destiny's life support system. Chloe visits her mother on Earth
When the Destiny suffers a complete loss of power, they hope a nearby planet is habitable
With the ship on a collision course, the crew must decide who will stay and who will flee on the shuttle to try and find a habitable planet
Severe rationing can't save the Destiny's dwindling water supply, forcing Colonel Young and Lieutenant Scott to seek out drinkable water on a deadly ice planet
The Destiny crew makes use of body-trading technology to return home to Earth virtually, and report on their status
The crew recovers one of their Kinos from a newly discovered jungle planet and finds it filled with data
The crew finds a device that may hold the promise of getting them home. Lt. Scott and Camille visit their loved ones using the communication stones
When the body of a crew member is discovered, the crew must deal with the fact that there is a murderer in their midst
A transmission glitch with the communication stones sends Col. Young’s consciousness somewhere far from Earth.
While Col. Young and Lt. Scott explore the ship’s hull for an Alien-tracking device a growing divide among the crew threatens the current command structure aboard Destiny.
When Destiny abruptly drops out of FTL, Dr. Rush is at a loss to explain the sudden appearance of a lone planet orbiting an uncharted star.
Dr. Nicholas Rush attempts to navigate the Destiny’s core systems using the neural interface in hopes of finding the key to take control of the ship before the interface itself kills him
Unable to make it back to the gate before the Destiny jumped to FTL, the team is left stranded
Without the means to alter the Destiny's course, Dr. Rush calculates the Destiny will fall short of making it to the next galaxy, stranding them indefinitely
Members of the Destiny crew begin experiencing disturbingly real hallucinations
Dr. Rush becomes embroiled in a risky plan to expose a mole inside Homeworld Command
Incursion Part One
The Lucian Alliance forces Dr. Rush to help them stage an assault on the Destiny
Incursion Part Two
The Destiny crew must fight for their lives when members of the Lucian Alliance come through the Stargate, bent on taking the ship by force

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