The Seed Earns 1.1 Rating

The second episode of Stargate Atlantis fifth season  continues to prove a popular hit with SCI FI fans, the epiosde earned a 1.1 average of household ratings in the United States. This is slightly down on the season premiere which earned a 1.3 average rating of viewer audiences.

Accord to the executive producer Joseph Mallozzi in his personal blog, the third episode ‘Broken Ties’ bounced back slightly to a 1.2 rating. This rating however is still unconfirmed and should be announced next week by the SCI FI channel.

Joseph Mallozzi is quoted as saying the following in his personal blog

“Yes, to date, Season Five has been outperforming Season Four,” Mallozzi said. “All very heartening but, again, I caution fans from assuming a decision on the show’s sixth season will be solely ratings-based.”

Season five continues in the United States on the 15th August with Ghost In The Machine.