The Future of Stargate’s Ship Models

Stargate Models (2024)

Master Replicas has picked up the Stargate ship models where Eaglemoss left off after the company went out of business. Today collectors have five ships on the shelf, two more in the pre-order stage, and a highly anticipated ship from Stargate Atlantis in the works.

The newest models have arrived in the post, so in this video we’ll take a closer look at all five of the ships that are now available: the Daedalus, Goa’uld mothership, Death glider, F-302, and Prometheus. We’ll also recap the recent news on two more deep-space carriers that will be shipping this June.

We’ll also share an exclusive preview of the Puddle Jumper (courtesy of Master Replicas), and go over our wishlist for what we hope the company will do next.

As of the spring of 2024 there are five ships out. Let’s recap them in order of release before we look at what’s coming up.

U.S.S. Daedalus (Eaglemoss / Master Replicas model)

The Daedalus was a great pick for the debut model in the new line. The ship is Earth’s premiere deep-space carrier, commanded by Colonel Steven Caldwell and assigned to support the city of Atlantis and maintain a supply line between Earth and the Pegasus Galaxy.

The Daedalus model from Eaglemoss really is a thing of beauty. These first hit the market at the end of 2021 and they sold out pretty much immediately. At this point Eaglemoss was in the middle of its financial straits, so they didn’t make any more. Suddenly the Daedalus became hard to find … and eBay prices shot up over $200 apiece.

Fortunately since taking over Master Replicas met the demand by putting this ship back into production (which is how I got mine). Honestly it’s even better than I expected: the die-cast metal parts give it a real weight, and the design and the paint job look screen-accurate. I’m really impressed with this thing – this is a beautiful ship.

Goa'uld Mothership (Eaglemoss / Master Replicas model)

The second ship to be released by Eaglemoss was the Goa’uld mothership. This was the first ship that I got my hands on. The Ha’tak-class mothership is also very well executed model, with a look that is distinctively Stargate. Check out that gold pyramid.

It’s also made of die-cast metal and plastic parts, and because of the design it’s mostly hollow between the pyramid and the outer superstructure (which is plastic). So I’d say on the whole it feels more fragile than the Daedalus … but to be completely honest I have dropped this thing from a high shelf onto a carpeted floor and it survived the fall just fine.

Death Glider (Eaglemoss / Master Replicas model)

The third ship was ultimately going to be the last one that Eaglemoss released before going out of business. The Death Glider is of course the Goa’uld’s fighter craft, built for speed and intimidation. From the original feature film through Stargate SG-1 we saw plenty of Death Glider action, both in space and in planetary atmosphere.

This model is executed well enough, but I admit it’s not my favorite. Maybe that’s because the model is the same size as the capital ships … so it feels over-sized. It’s also somewhat lacking in detail, as evidenced for example by the pretty plain-looking plastic canopy. It looks like a smaller design just got blown up a little too big.

The stand is also not designed to hold it very well. It was a more snug fit when the model first arrived, but the glider sits looser in the stand now — so the slightest bump will knock my glider out.

F-302 (Eaglemoss / Master Replicas model)

Now let’s look at the F-302. Soon after Master Replicas stepped in and started selling off Eaglemoss’s remainder stock we got word that Eaglemoss had actually finished its next Stargate model before going out of business. So some brilliant person opened up a box in a warehouse and found the F-302 fighter interceptor, and a great cheer was heard across Stargate fandom!

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this, so I ordered it right away … and then after it arrived I let it sit in a box unopened in a box in my office, because I wanted to make a proper video about it. So let’s do it now.

This. Is. Beautiful. Eaglemoss hit a home run with the 302, which of course is a very important ship in Stargate’s mythology. It was developed using alien tech recovered through the Stargate program, and by Season Seven became a cornerstone of Earth’s defense program. We met a squadron of pilots in “Fragile Balance,” and by the big finale “Lost City” the fighters were engaging Anubis’s invasion force over Antarctica.

Much like the Daedalus model the F-302 is incredibly well-designed and manufactured. You can feel the metal parts here, giving it a perfect weight and balance. The paint job is detailed and accurate, and it even has two pairs of cool little rockets under the wings ready to fire.

So this is hands down my favorite Stargate model so far. Like the Death Glider the canopy is pretty simple — not overly detailed. But on the F-302 it’s about a third of the size. So it just looks better here.

Prometheus (Master Replicas model)

Ship number 5 is the newest model to arrive in the post: the Prometheus. Master Replicas not only inherited Eaglemoss’s remainder stock, they also got their plans for what was next. Prometheus was on the drawing board, and now it was time to push it across the finish line.

On the show this is the more clunky and inelegant predecessor to the Daedalus. It was built underground in secret by the U.S. military, and didn’t even have a working hyperdrive for a while. Essentially they built the thing hoping that they could figure out how to make a naquadria-powered hyperdrive by the time the ship was finished.

The ship made its debut in the Season Six episode aptly titled “Prometheus,” where a bunch of rogue N.I.D. operatives tried to steal it. It was nice to be able to mix things up and do some ship-based shows after that, including stories like “Grace,” where Carter is stranded alone inside a nebula.

But I have to admit I was never a big fan of Earth’s first capital ship. Prometheus was broken half the time, and it just looks like an office building turned on its side – all function, zero form.

Now, as for the model from Master Replicas … well, it’s kind of fitting that I didn’t like the ship to begin with. The model suffers in a number of areas, and that is probably explainable by the fact that the company came in and picked up someone else’s design files, probably had to find new vendors for manufacturing and recreate a whole process. So Prometheus ends up being a casualty of the handover.

Daedalus and Prometheus side-by-side comparison

The design is just fine, and I think it looks nice on my shelf. The real problems start when you pick up the model. All the other models are a mix of plastic and die-cast metal, but it’s not evident where the metal parts could be here. The model is much lighter and feels all plastic, lacking the weight that makes the other ships feel so premium.

The paint job is also lower quality. The grays don’t match the other Earth ships, and the detail just isn’t there. It also doesn’t have the surface texture you’ll see on the BC-304 carriers. As you start to examine the model up-close you’ll also see a line across the top of the bridge section (and also on the front), which appears to show where the two halves were glued together. This was visible when we got the first photos and I had hoped it was just a prototype that would be corrected during final manufacturing. But nope, the lines are still there on the final product. The end result is that it looks and feels more like a plastic toy, not something you’d want to spend $45 on.

Master Replicas recognizes this one didn’t come out well, and they tell us it was a victim of the collapse of Eaglemoss. So I’m willing to give them a mulligan and see what they will do next. But I don’t recommend you go looking for the Prometheus unless you’re a completionist.

U.S.S. George Hammond (Master Replicas model)

Those are the five ships that we have on the shelf now. Two more models have been announced, and pre-orders have come and gone already. Both of these are set to ship in June.

Ship number 6 is the U.S.S. George Hammond. Once Earth got the design and the tech right for the BC-304 carrier they started stamping them out left and right. So on the show we saw several Daedalus-class ships. The next to get a model is actually the last one: the Hammond. It was commanded by Colonel Samantha Carter, making its screen debut in the premiere of Stargate Universe.

This model is meant to look exactly like the Daedalus but with the Hammond’s name on the side – which is screen accurate. This one is an exclusive to members of Master Replicas’ paid Collectors Club. (It’s confirmed to be the only Stargate ship for 2024 that will be limited to paying members.) They made 500 of them, and pre-orders sold out.

U.S.S. Odyssey (Master Replicas model)

If you’re not in the Collectors Club but you still want to expand your Earth fleet, the seventh ship of the line is the Odyssey. This was the second Daedalus-class ship to appear on screen, taking over in the defense of Earth and the support of S.G. teams in the Milky Way (spoiler alert) after Prometheus was destroyed (“Ethon”).

Once again, I expect the Odyssey to measure up to the high standards set by the Daedalus model, only with the name change on the side. For anyone who’s counting that still leaves the Korolev, the Apollo, and the Sun Tzu … although China’s ship was never shown on screen. Master Replicas could even dig deep and give us the Phoenix, which is what the Hammond was called in an alternate timeline.

Puddle Jumper (Master Replicas model preview)

Finally, what’s coming up next for Master Replicas’ models? The company has confirmed to GateWorld that the next ship coming after Odyssey will be none other than the Puddle Jumper. Atlantis fans have been waiting for this for a very long time.

This was the hero ship on Stargate Atlantis, introduced in the pilot episode “Rising” and featured throughout the show’s 5-year run. The Jumper – or “Gate Ship” if you prefer – was designed by the Ancients to fit through the Stargate. That means the team could use the many space gates throughout the Pegasus Galaxy. The ships are also equipped with a cloak for stealth maneuvers, and miniature drone weapons for taking on the Wraith.

The Puddle Jumper also turned up on Stargate SG-1. SG-1 found a ship on Maybourne’s planet in “It’s Good to be King” — this one equipped with a one-of-a-kind time drive. That set up the events of the Season Eight finale “Moebius.”

The Jumper model is now in the design stage and will be out later in 2024. Master Replicas sent us this sneak peek at the model’s design, taken from the CAD files. Of course the final model will get a paint job to make the colors screen-accurate. You’ll notice that this model has the drive pods fully extended, which I think looks awesome and shows the Jumper ready for combat. I’m excited to get my hands on this one.

Keep an eye on GateWorld and we’ll report when pre-orders are opening. Master Replicas says that if there’s enough interest from fans they would be up for making a second version of the Jumper down the road with the drive pods in the closed position.

Stargate models wishlist

Now all of this is a great start … but there are so many more ships from 17 seasons of Stargate that I want to see. Before Eaglemoss went out of business they were also planning for Thor’s Asgard mothership the Beliskner (or possibly the O’Neill — it was listed as “Beliskner v2”), the Wraith Dart, Destiny, and possibly Destiny’s shuttle.

Beyond that, at the top of my wishlist would be an Ancient warship, an Al’kesh, and a Goa’uld cargo ship. How about a Wraith hive ship, or Fifth’s Replicator cruiser?

Master Replicas tells me that they plan to continue with Eaglemoss’s original line-up, so hopefully they will get to all these ships eventually. It’s also worth noting that their new license with MGM includes replica props and figures. So we should see more than just ships to fill our shelves in the near future … maybe even a little Stargate?

What model do you want to see Master Replicas produce? Are you collecting all of them? Or is there just one or two that you have your eye on? Post it down in the comments below!

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