Stargate Worlds Jaffa Get A Makeover

The Jaffa of Stargate Worlds will be getting a new look according to the Assistant Art Director Nick Heitzman.

We wanted them to be strong, sexy and exuding an aura of command,” said Nick, “adding a presence of power and discipline to groups they assist or work with to further their goals. To achieve that in Stargate Worlds, Jaffa are consistently larger, more muscular in appearance, and precise in their movements than other galactic residents. They are stern and militaristic for the most part, adapting an almost Spartan aesthetic in clothing and armor which has evolved from their non-materialistic attitude and status as slaves or mercenaries on most worlds – preferring function over form in their clothing, armor and equipment – with little in the way of unnecessary decoration.

Their palette is mostly earth tones and muted colors, more ancient Greece than Rome. Preferring to prove their worth through combat prowess rather than extravagant appearance or fully encased in ornate or complex armor. They appear extremely vibrant and healthy, in peak physical condition thanks to constant training and untiring devotion to focusing their skills to a higher level of effectiveness.


They stand a head and a half over the tallest Human, and their breadth and girth dwarf even the haughty Goa’uld. Basically they are  huge and cool, and will stand out in a group silhouette with authority.