Stargate Worlds Aiming For Christmas 2009 Launch

According to a leaked online report which is currently being circulated by ‘Associated Content‘, Stargate Worlds is aiming for 4Q 2009 official release just in time for the Christmas period.

A note from the developers

Stargate Worlds will be based on the hit television show, Stargate SG-1. An MMORPG game placed in a science-fiction universe of this magnitude has been long desired by fans worldwide. The storyline will highlight the earlier seasons of the show and the main setting at release will be the Milky Way Galaxy. The war between Goa’uld and the Tau’ri rages on, one of the many conflicts between various different races from the hit Sci Fi show.

Players will be able to choose certain archetypes, which operate differently from other traditional MMORPGs. There is no particular ‘tank’ class or ‘healer’ class. Instead, a highly flexible tech tree can be used to customize your character in endless ways. Each archetype will have three specialization trees that give the player the ability to have hybrid roles. Combat will emphasize first-person shooter concepts and tactical gameplay. The weapons will be diverse and the enemy AI will prove to be a challenge.

Whether this time frame will be kept is still unknown as the game has been in pre production for several years.