Stargate Universe Wins 6 Leo Awards

Congratulations to the Stargate Universe cast and crew on winning six Leo Awards at the 2010 Celebration and Gala Awards ceremonies this weekend!  

Winners include:

Best Dramatic Series
Stargate Universe
Brad Wright, Robert Cooper, Carl Binder, Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mulle, John G. Lenic, N. John Smith – Producers

Best Screenwriting in a Dramatic Series
Brad Wright
Stargate Universe – Light

Best Cinematography in a Dramatic Series
Michael Blundell
Stargate Universe – Human

Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Series
Rick Martin
Stargate Universe – Human

Best Visual Effects in a Dramatic Series
Mark Savela, Shannon Gurney, Brenda Campbell, Craig Vandenbiggelaar, Krista Mclean
Stargate Universe – Air

Best Supporting Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series
Julia Benson
Stargate Universe – Pain