Stargate Universe Moves To New Fall Schedule In 2010

The SyFy Channel will be moving its Friday night dramas to Tuesdays starting in October 2010; it has been confirmed this week.

Stargate Universe, Sanctuary and Caprica will all on Tuesdays nights from the 1st October 2010, where the network has had great success in the summer months with hot shows such as Eureka and Warehouse 13, its two highest rated original drama series.

What is the reason behind the change? Well the SyFy channel has purchased the rights to WWE Friday Night SmackDown, one of the largest and well known wrestling franchises.

With Tuesday nights being a big success elsewhere in the world especially in the United Kingdom, it looks like a win, win situation from the Stargate Franchise when typically the Friday night timeslots in The United States of America have earned the nickname “The Graveyard”.

Only time will tell.

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