Stargate Universe Film Commision Listing

The Stargate Universe film commisioning list is finally available from the studios.

Stargate Universe Productions I, Inc.

Director: Andy Mikita
Exec. Prod: Brad Wright, Robert Cooper, Carl Binder, John Smith
Prod: John Lenic
Line Producer: Jack O’Neill
DOP: Rohn Schmidt, Jim Menard, Michael Blundell
PD: James Robbins
PM: George Horie
PC: David Magee, Tanja Balic
LM: Lorne Davidson
SPFX Coord::Wray Douglas
Casting: Clark & Page Casting
Sched: Feb 11/09 – Oct 23/09

As you can see production is due to start on the 11th February 2009 and wrap on the 23rd October 2009, the Universe premiere is still slated for the fall.