Stargate Infinity: The Complete Series Now On DVD

Stargate Infinity: The Complete Series is in stores today! All 26 episodes are now available in an action-packed boxed set from Shout! Factory.

A generation after the SGC first stepped through the alien device known as the Stargate, the universe has become a much different place. The war with the evil parasitic Goa’uld is won. The once top-secret Stargate Command and its work have been declassified, and beings from other worlds are living and working among us.

But now there’s a new threat from a warrior race known as the Tlak’kahn, and when SGC veteran Major Gus Bonner is convicted of a war crime he didn’t commit, he must lead a group of young SGC cadets through the Stargate to protect the life of an Ancient from their hostile new enemies. Along the way, the team visits unknown worlds and cultures, learning that life —no matter where you are in the universe – may never be easy, but should always be cherished.

Inspired by the blockbuster feature film and its two popular television spin-offs (Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis), Stargate: Infinity further explores the universe through the eyes of those few who are brave enough to venture through the mysterious Stargate.

Bonus Features Include:

Animated Stargate Effects Test
Never-Before-Seen Animated Character Walking Models
Original Concept Art

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