Stargate Infinity DVD Review

Real movie news have recently conducted a review of the kids television spin off for the Stargate franchise. Here is the review in full.

A generation after the Stargate Command first stepped through the alien device known as the Stargate, the universe has become a much different place. The war with the evil parasitic Goa’uld is won. The once top-secret Stargate Command and its work have been declassified, and beings from other worlds are living and working among us.

But now there’s a new threat from a warrior race known as the Tlak’kahn, and when Stargate Command veteran Major Gus Bonner is convicted of a war crime he didn’t commit, he must lead a group of young Stargate Command cadets through the Stargate to protect the life of an Ancient from their hostile new enemies. Along the way, the team visits unknown worlds and cultures, learning that life —no matter where you are in the universe —may never be easy, but should always be cherished.

Inspired by the blockbuster feature film and its two popular television spin-offs (Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis), Stargate: Infinity further explored the universe through the eyes of those few who are brave enough to venture through the mysterious Stargate. Although the show does indeed carry the Stargate name, there’s very little in the show to otherwise connect it to its predecessors. It feels less like an organic continuation of the Stargate saga and more like an easy marketing cash-in for a children’s show. How does the show actually relate to the Stargate universe, you may ask? Well, it’s of the science fiction genre and there’s a Stargate portal in the show. Beyond that, the show could be mistaken for any other science fiction children’s show.

In doing some research on this show, I was expecting it to be one of the worst things to ever hit the airwaves. One cursory glance at its reception and it’s clear that people absolutely despise this show. From an unbiased critical perspective I have to say that it’s not THAT bad. I’m guessing most of the backlash is from fans of the Stargate series who are expecting another killer entry into the series. While I understand why those fans might feel let down, taken on its own terms, Stargate: Infinity is perfectly decent. It’s got a quirky animation style, likable characters, and action-packed episodes that leave one mildly entertained.

However, while the show may be decent, it certainly doesn’t do anything to set itself apart in any way. The characters may be likable, but they’re recycled cartoon archetypes that we’ve seen a dozen times before. The art style may be quirky and stylized, but the animation itself is actually pretty cheap looking, and obviously held back by a low budget. While the episodes have enough action to keep one entertained, there’s nothing all that new or unique about the various action set pieces to make one stand up and take notice. In virtually every regard, the show works as forgettable entertainment and nothing more.

There are a couple extras on this 4-Disc DVD set, but they’re brief and relatively uninteresting. You’ll find an animated Stargate effects test, some never-before-seen animated character walking models, and some original concept art. You wouldn’t be missing anything if you just skipped right over this stuff.

This DVD release of Stargate: Infinity contains the complete series of the show, as it only lasted for one season. Unfortunately, the series ends unresolved due to the cancellation, but it’s understandable why the show was cancelled. If you pass by it on television on a boring afternoon you might want to watch an episode for some light entertainment, but there’s really not much reason to spend your money on the series when there are both other animated shows and other Stargate shows out there that are much better than this one.