Stargate Funko Pops Are Finally Here To Celebrate The 30th Anniversary

Stargate fans have been waiting a long time for Funko Pops, and we are happy to say that this will be the year. It makes sense given that 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of the original film starring Kurt Russell and James Spader. That said, if you’re really looking for Funko Pops from the Stargate SG-1 television series, solid sales for these Pops will likely be the quickest way to get them. 

The Stargate Funko Pop wave includes Anubis Guard (Metallic), Horus Guard (Metallic), Daniel Jackson, Jack O-Neill, and Ra. Pre-orders are available here at Entertainment Earth (free US shipping on orders $79+) and here on Amazon now.  Note that the Stargate wave is only a small part of today’s huge collection of drops from Funko,. You can keep up with all of the latest releases right here

What’s Next For Stargate

In 2016, news broke that Devlin and Emmerich were working together on a trilogy of movies rebooting the Stargate franchise. Speaking to in 2020, Emmerich offered an update, saying the path forward on those films was no longer clear. Last year, news broke that Amazon was considering a new Stargate series, though there haven’t been any significant updates since then. 

The Stargate franchise began with the 1994 film, and expanded into several TV series, including Stargate SG-1 (1997-2007), Stargate Atlantis (2004-2009), and Stargate Universe (2009-2011). There were also two direct-to-DVD movies, Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum. In 2018, a digital series dubbed Stargate Origins launched as a prequel that focused on on a young Catherine Langford.

Film Synopsis: “In modern-day Egypt, professor Daniel Jackson (James Spader) teams up with retired Army Col. Jack O’Neil (Kurt Russell) to unlock the code of an interstellar gateway to an ancient Egypt-like world. They arrive on a planet ruled by the despotic Ra (Jaye Davidson), who holds the key to the Earth travelers’ safe return. Now, in order to escape from their intergalactic purgatory, Jackson and O’Neil must convince the planet’s people that Ra must be overthrown.”