Rony Cox Goes From Senator To On Stage Music Performer

If you mention the name Ronny Cox around many people will scratch their heads and wonder who this man is, and what he has to do with the Stargate Franchise?

Well for anyone in the know will remember him for his appearance as the notorious Senator Richard Kinsey who was for his most part the annoyance of the Stargate SG1 team and the SGC for several seasons.

However it seems the budding actor isn’t content with his 120 onscreen performances alone, he is now moving to back to his original past time of music, his main genre being acoustic folk.

Cox is due to appear on stage at the Caffe C Baptist Church of the Covenant, 2117 University Blvd., Birmingham, $15, 328-0644 on February 11th marking his first onstage performance in a long time.

Ronny is extremely humbled and is quoting as saying  

What I discovered is that I do love acting, but I don’t love acting as much as the music. When you act, there’s an imaginary fourth wall; you can’t step off camera or step off the stage. But with music, there’s a possibility of profound one-on-one sharing. That opiate is one of the most powerful things on Earth.

I like playing smaller venues. When I have my druthers, they leave the house lights up. That shapes the performance, and puts you in the best of all possible worlds. By the end of the show, I like to feel that we all know each other. I don’t like performing at people. I’ve always felt that music is a dialogue. The aim for me in these shows is communication.