Robert Picardo's Number Of On Screen Appearances Confirmed

It has been confirmed that actor Robert Picardo, who will be playing the familiar Richard Woolsey, will be making a total of 14 appearances in Atlantis’s fifth season.

Picardo joins the show’s regular cast as Richard Woolsey, the role he has played on both Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis in numerous guest appearances over the last four years.

Woolsey takes over as the commander of the Atlantis expedition, after the departure of Colonel Samantha Carter early in Season Five. With his  rather unique  personality, loyalties to the I.O.A, and questionable command decisions , it will no doubt be a challenge for Colonel Sheppard and his team to adjust to their new leader.

It is still unclear which episode will see Robert Picardo take over command of Atlantis, only time will tell.