Robert Carlyle On Dr Rush Could Peak

Stargate Universe star Robert Carlyle has suggested that his character Nicholas Rush has a limited lifespan.

The actor told SciFiNow that he feels the role will peak at some point in the future.

“I think I can continue for a bit, but there will obviously come a point where I’ve played it and I’ve done it,” he explained. “I’ll know when that time is there.”

However, he added: “Rush is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever played. He’s nothing if not pragmatic. It doesn’t matter about individual sacrifice to him, if the mission or the greater good is satisfied.”

Carlyle admitted that he was keen not to “alienate the audience” with his portrayal of the scheming scientist.

“In terms of the acting, it’s very important to walk a particular line with Rush,” he said. “He has to have good reasons for what he does, and I think… the strength in the character that [co-creators] Brad Wright and Robert Cooper have set in place, is that yes, maybe [his actions are] a bit distasteful, but he’s right.”

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