Richard Dean Anderson, Continuum Like A Feature Film

In a recent update to the official Richard Dean Anderson web site, he left this note for fans. Below is an excerpt of that note:

No news at the moment, unless we include a civilian Purple Heart for blood shed during and since having had yet another surgical procedure performed on my right foot (big toe, ankle). I am convincing myself that this is the one, this is it! I need it to be over. The last cut was a week ago Tuesday and initially I was impressed and hopeful. With time, I have had to grow accustomed to the same-old, same-old…..

At noon I’m into the hyperbaric chamber for 90 minutes. Kinda kinky, but what the heck, I’m leaving no stone….

Of course then there is the obligatory physical therapy filled with tears and laughter all around.

The upshot: I am nearly walking like a people.
It’s exciting.
Just an update.

Brad and I exchanged mails. He is very proud of “Continuum” and is fond of saying in interviews that it’s the SG of old… “Jack is back!!!”

Well, for the sake of accuracy in journalism I offer this correction:

Brad actually said, “…Rick is back.”
Who knew Rick could be so………
So, so-so, is what I’m getting at.

Oh, and by the way, Brad sent me a copy of “Continuum,” and I must shout and tout the relative genius of both Mr. Wright and Mr. Wood. The darn thing looks, SOUNDS, and behaves like a feature film. I am soooo frickin’ proud of those guys. Talented and genuinely GOOD guys.