New Stargate Atlantis Action Figures Unveiled

Get ready to return to the Pegasus Galaxy with the third assortment of action figures from the Pegasus Galaxy.

Featuring Colonel Samantha Carter, Dr. Jennifer Keller, an imposing Wraith Drone and the limited Garrison Uniform John Sheppard, each figure in this line is accompanied by episode-specific accessories and pieces of the Ancient Control Chair featured on the People’s Choice Award-winning series!

Each action figure stands approximately six inches tall and features multiple points of articulation! Blister card packaging.


This set also features an exclusive, The Wraith-dodging, muscle-bound hero Ronon Dex who has proven his dedication and loyalty to the Atlantis expedition and now he can become a part of your collection!

This limited exclusive set features the warrior’s signature look along with battle-ready accessories – including a piece of the figure-sized Ancient Control Chair!

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