Multiple Stargate Nominations In Annual Tubey Awards

The Stargate franchise and its many talented actors and actresses have received multiple nominations in the 2009 annual Tubey Awards, the nominations are as follows:

  • Worst Returning Show — Stargate Atlantis
  • Best Performance by an Inanimate Object — John Sheppard’s hair
  • Worst Romantic Relationship — McKay and Keller
  • Best Almost-Romantic-But-Not-Quite Relationship — John and Rodney
  • Best Non-Romantic Friendship — John and Rodney
  • Most Anticipated New Show of the 2009-10 Season — Stargate Universe

There are also a variety of categories that reference specific shows and the many talented actors and actresses related to Stargate, these include:

  • Sanctuary (starring Amanda Tapping)
  • Burn Notice (featuring Michael Shanks)
  • Fringe (starring SG-1 alum John Noble)

And many more are available to vote for right now.

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