Ming Na My Husband Was Thrilled I Was Playing A Lesbian

Ming Na’s husband has reportedly been thrilled to bits to here that his wife would be playing the part of Sci Fi’s first ever Lesbian characther in Stargate Universe, so much so Ming Na has taken time out of her busy schedule to answer a very informative interview

I’m very excited to be speaking with Mulan.

That’s great, I’m so glad you’re a Mulan fan.

Do you find that there’s an elite fan base for that sort of thing?

There is a tremendous, large fan base there. Not just with the children, but from the rock and roll stars to the eight-year-olds. It’s a lovely legacy to be a part of.

Your kids aren’t old enough to appreciate that kind of thing yet are they?

Oh sure, my daughter’s eight and she does know that I’m Mulan and she uses that to her advantage at school. She’s very entrepreneurial that way. My son’s three and a half and he watches animations all the time.

Does your daughter sell signed merchandise at school? Do you actually have a Mulan doll?

I have a huge collection from Disney – they’re always sending me the blankets and the sippy cups. I’ve got quite a lot of merchandise – I don’t quite know what to do with it. I don’t feel that I should throw it away but it’s kind of like an odd little treasure box for the children that one day they’ll be like “what are we going to do with this stuff!?”

Are you in a hotel just now because you’re filming?

I travel between Vancouver and LA, as my family are in LA. If you’re going to be stuck anywhere outside of your home, it’s nice to be in Vancouver.

Speaking of merchandise, are you prepared for that sci-fi onslaught?

I guess Mulan prepared me. I don’t know. It’s been quite an eye-opening journey. I used to be quite a sci-fi fan myself, and I used to collect all the Star Wars dolls. I think I still have the Millennium Falcon and the talking Darth Vader somewhere in my garage of paraphernalia. I was a huge fan. I understand the fan base mania that occurs with sci-fi films. I guess it’s a bit odd if once the show airs and does well to be a part of that, but as I grew up on the other side of it, it’s a little geek girl’s dream come true.

What was your favourite sci-fi?

Star Wars is definitely on top of the list. Star Trek is another biggie, and I just love what the director did with the new Star Trek, I thought that was brilliant. I love so many, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Aliens, those are all up there.

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